Save your time! Let us clean your apartment.

Jasper Cleaning Services works for you to make the most of your
time while we leave your apartment sparkling.

Your apartment cleaned while you rest

One thing if for sure: doing household chores is not even slightly pleasurable. Knowing this, we want you to use your time to do nice things and leave the removal of all the dirt from your apartment to us.

Apartment cleaning services

What do you want the most after a long day at work? To come back to your apartment and feel that wonderful, special sense of cleanliness and well-being. For this to happen again and again, you have to spend a lot of time and energy cleaning, mopping, and organizing. We are sure that, instead of spending your free time doing housework, you want to rest. Because of that, we at Jasper Cleaning Services offer the best apartment cleaning service.

A little bit of what is included in our services

Reliable team

We respect the valuables that belong to you and your family. We train our team to be attentive and respectful while getting the job done.


We recognize that no one feels 100% comfortable having people who are outside of their social circle inside their home. Even if you are paying for the services, you want it to be over as quickly as possible. Knowing this, we train our team to finish the job in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality.

High-quality service

There is no lazy work with Jasper Cleaning Services! Our cleaning is deep, detailed and of high-quality to truly deliver the best.

We value your investment!

We work with the best products and tools to let your house or office shining.

Advantages of hiring our services

Before we start our work, we make sure we understand what the customer is really looking for. We incorporate their wishes into our working methods and processes to guarantee 100% satisfaction. Each member of our team is trained to meet the needs of each client. In short, nothing is difficult for us. With Jasper Cleaning Services there is no laziness, but rather, a team committed to leaving your house as it is needed.


We work with safe and natural products. When we use toxic products, we remove as much as we can of it with water, and use natural products on top to ensure that it will not harm our clients and their animals.


There is no lazy work with Jasper Cleaning Services! Our cleaning is deep to truly deliver the best.


We respect the valuables that belong to you and your family. We train our team to be attentive while work is being performed.


Our passion is to see your house sparkling after we finish the job. You deserve the best, that is our motto.


There are cases where it is necessary to perform a cleaning along with the environment organization. We want you to be satisfied, so we train our team to do an organized and efficient job.


Our entire team is engaged in one goal: to get your apartment as clean as possible.

About Us

Founded by Denise Ribeiro

I am Denise Ribeiro, born and raised in Brazil and the owner of Jasper Cleaning Services in Northern California. I am a proud first immigrant and have lived in the United States since 2018. At 25 I decided to work towards becoming a resident and opening my own business.

Jasper Cleaning Services is a company that brings a new concept to cleaning services in the US. With a highly skilled team that is always in constant training, the company’s mission is to provide health, cleanliness and physical and emotional well-being for each client who trusts its services. Jasper Cleaning Services is the best option when it comes to domestic cleaning because its team works with honesty, transparency and excellence.

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